Field Force Management System


Field Force Management System (FFMS) software can be utilized by companies for a range of tasks such as scheduling work, dispatching technicians, tracking employee activities, tracing vehicles, supporting driver safety, and integrating with inventory and other business systems.

Field service businesses can benefit from this type of solution as it can help to reduce expenses and improve productivity. They can easily manage orders, do route planning, and access customer data, among other tasks. Lots of universities are running discrete applications to meet business automation process but in reality, they are way behind in automating day to day activities. With Acadmax, you not only automate the entire business process of an education institute but would see measurable efficiency gains and cost reductions – with infinite possibilities. You can get the flexibility you need to make the right decisions for your institution and the adaptability to meet the future with confidence

It helps you do more with less effort, maximizing your efficiency. And it uses scalable technology that can expand to meet needs in the future.

It significantly extends the user functionality of the Student Administration, allowing users to engage in self-service activities, thus reducing or eliminating the need for administrative resources. Acadmax SelfServ allows users to pull content, transactions, and other application data into a pre-integrated, personalized interface configured to meet institution’s requirements without the need for costly customization. Throughout the student life cycle, Acadmax Campus Solutions drives efficiency and productivity in all your business processes – so you can focus time and resources on the objectives that define the success of your institute. With Acadmax Campus Solution, information delivery is role-based, so students, teachers, staff, and visitors see exactly the information they need.

An FFMS system is typically used by businesses that handle installs, services, and repairs of work equipment. If you are wondering how to select a suitable app for your needs, we can help you. This article provides detailed reviews of the top 10 field service management software solutions and should help you shortlist and zero in on the right system for your company. At the moment, FFMS is used by FMCG businesses that enjoy an intuitive, secure and scalable solution for mobilizing business processes, and benefit from a low total cost of ownership. Users get to choose between two reasonably priced plans (Pro and Enterprise), depending on whether they’re interested in basic reporting or obtaining a fully-featured analytic suite, and get to integrate the system with a variety of tools regardless of the package they’ve chosen.