We have been teaching Quran online since 2012 worldwide. Online Quran learning, Tajweed lessons, Quran translation, Memorization / Hifz are core services we offer through our website. Back in 2012, we developed a web based Quran teaching software application called MAKTAB” which stand us out from rest of the campaigns offering similar services. In collaboration with senior teachers our course curriculum team, work hard to update and produce original content frequently. Being into Information technology industry our professional design & social media team also share creative and eye catchy content on different mediums.

Over the years, Quranclassonline.com has established itself as a respected online Quran teaching facility. We initially started with Quran reading course but with the passage of time we added new courses which includes:   

 1) Quran Reading with Tajweed                                    

  2) Memorization of Quran / Hifz                                 

  3) Translation and Explanation of Quran (Tafseer)     

 4) Tajweed Course