Diagnostic Lab Management System


It is a comprehensive ready to use Software designed to manage and automate the Operations of the Diagnosis Center which includes All Patient Registrations Management, Patient Lab Investigation / Sample Tests Management Stores and Inventory Management, Administration and Security which includes all Utilities, Financial Transactions which includes all Financial related Voucher Payments, Patient Cash Payments and Receipts, Finance & Accounting, Staff Management, Over 100 Individual/Summary Reports are available in Well Formatted and Printer Specific Setup. User Friendly Screens with built-in Help, with Auto Report Headers are other flexible features of the Software. Key Modules covered are listed here.

Software Modules:

Patient Management Module, Lab Investigations Module, Stores & Inventory Module, Utilities Module, Cash Voucher Payments, Patient Bill Payments & Receipts, Financial Accounting Management Module, HR Management, Reports Module covers most of the functions requires to automate a diagnostic center.