Introduction, Contact Information

    Sharing your contact info will help us to make our move after the brief is submitted. For instance, set up a call with your company.

    Project Purpose

    Are you planning a new product? Or are you willing to update the existing one? What business goals will it help you achieve? We encourage you to cover all these elements there.

    What is the goal of the application

    Application Type

    Give us an idea of the product you are looking for. You will find there the app types in which we excel.


    Let us know from what devices users will be able to interact with the app. This will come in handy at the development stage.


    An awareness of the platforms (OSes) on which the app will be run is important as multiple tech stacks will be involved.

    Product description

    To carry out a successful project, we need to clearly understand your business and for the same reason we need a little more information about your application.

    Technical Specification

    These are mostly non-functional requirements that will play a great role in the final product.

    Required Services

    Mobile development is not the only area of our expertise. Using the brief, you can also request other services that we provide.

    Additional Info

    You must have some kind of project timeline and budget in your mind. Kindly share them with us in this section.